Geekbench 4 App Reviews

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App crashes instantly when you try to run the benchmark. It takes several attempts to successfully run the tests. iPhone 6s, iOS 11.2

Amount charged even though it’s free

Fees charged even though it says free until 27th November Please reimburse the amount

Flawless Benchmark for iPhone

This app works flawlessly on the iPhone X. I received stronger scores than what I have reviewed online: 4245 Single-Core Score and 10415 Multi-Core Score

The app is great I love it!

So I literally love this app. I can use it in YouTube videos to show off the new iPhone, or just see how well my phone is doing compared to the other iPhones. One thing I did notice though is that it doesn’t show the new iPhone 8 and X average benchmarks compared to other phones, but that’s probably because there’s not enough information on them yet. I live this app and I’m keeping it a 5 star review! :)

Used to work

The app freezes and does nothing on iPhone 6s plus ios 11.1.1

Would be great if you released for the Apple TV

Just to be able to benchmark the Apple TV 4K would be fun even if the hardware is known. Some of us like to see how updates affect system performance.

Was great until latest update

The latest update has made the app literally unusable on my iPad Pro 12.9 first gen. It worked when I first started it up, but since then the app does not respond to anything, even after closing it out and opening it back up. Please fix! The app was fantastic before the update.


The re-add on of the Battery Benchmark is fantastic 👏🏼👏🏼

Works great but error

I have an iPhone 8 Plus, I set up Dropbox so I can sync between devices but receive an upload error.

Great app but!

Would like to know how my device compares to non iOS devices too!!

Bug isssue on iPhone 8 plus

It doesn’t ready the correct info on iPhone 8 plus and lags a lot when opening the app. Over all great experience

Inaccurate Benchmark

I ran a benchmark test when iOS 11 came out on the iPhone 7. Single Core: 3520 Multi-Core: 5951 September 25th update: Single Core: 1840 Multi-Core: 3145 The update botched the benchmark


i have to go, my people need me

No battery or memory test!

This only has a CPU and GPU test. There is no battery or memory test!


It's a great app, very fast, very user friendly and great results.

No battery test

Just not there

Profile browser

Needs a profile browser in the app please!

No battery test!

Geekbench 4 has remove a battery test. Geekbench 3 has battery test.

Does what it says

Great way to see if your processor is performing as it should be.


Please note: iOS users this app will cause your phone to crash! Periodically your phone will not be able to power up, and will cause other strange failures, you can do a hard reset to correct the problem, I highly recommend that you uninstall it immediately!!!!! 😬

No Battery Test??

Just viewed iAppleBytes' video of battery benchmark test on four iPhone models using Geekbench. Imagine my surprise when I purchased the latest iPhone version (Geekbench4) and found the battery test had been removed. Bad form!


This app works perfectly fine but my only issue is that it's not compatible with anything under iOS 9, and you guys have no versions on the App Store that would be compatible and that's just completely sad to me because what's the point of testing your Geekbench 4 device if you can't test it on an old device, that just doesn't make sense to me honestly it's something you guys should look into

Top Performance Stats

Excellent app to rate your smartphone against others in your category. A definite must have with so many newer processors and hardwares being sent the consumer way!

Benchmark supreme

The only app that gives CPU and GPU benchmarks. This is what the pros use.

iOS iPhone 10.3.1🛠⚙️⛓🤙🏼


Awesome way to drain a battery with geeky stats

Exactly that, this will drain the life from your already diminished battery. If your battery is already nearing end of life then don't expect it to come back on soon. Newer battery then just watch it drain down and complete with benchmark results for a device you have little control over anyway. You already know if you have a good newer fast phone or a cheap slower one. Geeks: benchmark results! 👍

Great benchmark test

This is a great app for comparing different phones, or software versions. It is intuitive and easy to navigate! I got it free with the celebration event, and I'm so glad!


Super easy with "NO" ads. Love it

Fantastic, simple, user friendly benchmarking app

This app is great. It's very easy to navigate. Everything works well. I am experiencing one problem though. It may be the app or my device's fault. I'm not sure. Lately my iPhone 6s on iOS 10.3.1 has been scoring very low. Like thousands of points lower. I got a single core score of 1454 and a multi core score of 2485.. I've made sure to close all background activities and have repeated the benchmark several times. Not sure what's going on. Other than that I don't have any complaints. In the end, this app is worth it. I would definitely recommend it

An excellent benchmarking app!

Okay, so to start things off, I saw that the developers released this new version of the popular app, and at that point, it was free, so I picked it up before the date that you had to pay for the app. The reason why I got it was because of the popular YouTubers using the app to compare devices and general benchmarking. This happens to be my first version of one of these apps, (normally paid) so I felt pretty good about it. Now, a couple things to mention, one of them is a minor one. First, I am aware of the fact that there should be more benchmarks coming soon, like battery testing and other benchmarks, so I won't mention that too much, because I can imagine that you guys are still working on those benchmarks. And secondly, when I want to share my results, my only options are email & upload to your online results website. There isn't an option to share through other means, like Messages, AirDrop, and *especially* iCloud Drive. (and other cloud storage apps) iCloud Drive in particular is something that I would like to use as an option, as I'm one of the many people who use iCloud Drive as their primary storage. Currently, the way I have to get around this is to email myself, and save the "attachment", to iCloud Drive, then delete the email. This gets pretty annoying and I really don't want to have to get around this issue any more, so could you add more sharing options please? Thanks in advance! And btw, you guys are awesome! 😀👍

Useful Information About Your Device

I find the benchmark information useful, especially when I am considering how much of an improvement I'll get if I move up from an older iPad or iPhone to a new one. (Of course you'll need to check the Geekbench website for info on devices you don not yet own). Also handy is the apps ability to tell you exactly which device model you own (plus it's RAM capacity, and loads of other good geeky stuff). In short - it's not an app I use often, but when I do I'm very glad to have it.

Highly recommend to get

If you're into specs, then this app is a must download. Tells you everything from CPU, to the overall performance of your device. Highly recommended to get.

Such a good app.

This app is really good for nerds (like myself) who want to test their phones. I love how it was free, (until 4/10/17) and there are no ads!


Geekbench is a great app. It's free and is very helpful. I don't like though how they got rid of the battery test. I really liked it and I am sad that it is gone. But other than that I think it is a great app.


نجربه ونشوف😏

Do not download it!!!!

Crashed my phone during the test it took 3 min to reboot, I have iPhone 6S iOS 10.3 What did you do to the app? That is absolutely crazy!

Awesome app!

Geekbench is far most the easiest and best app to use, It is very easy to use, and it tells me how fast my iPhone is, and how it is compared to other phones. There are many different kind of features, and I would definitely recommended this.

Fraud scum

I was charged without my consent.

Great for beta testers

This app is meant more for beta users and developers more than for the average person. But I think this is a very cool app.

Pretty decent

This app is great but it takes ages for a benchmark test to be completed compared to Geekbench 3. This app would be better if it had more features, e.g a GPU benchmark test wouldn't hurt. I will rate this a 5 star once they improve this app by doing what I have said above.


I've been using Geekbench for a very long time. A few years. I started out by comparing different iOS betas against each other to see if updates were improving the speed and overall use of various devices. Geekbench was the best way to do this. It's well worth the money if you're curious on how your device is running. It even has a list of other devices you can compare against your own. A definite must have for developers as well.

Needs more in depth info

Add more things to test

Hacking and taking money without permission

This is fack and bad

Wasted money

I was expecting to get battery bench, there are plenty of free CPU benches. Give my money back!

Slows my phone down


Battery Test?!?

Does good at the CPU benchmark but where did the battery benchmark go that we had in Geekbench 3.3!?!

Great app, but...

It's a great app I was searching for Geek Bench on the AppStore but this came up so I got it (the day was 13 September) and now I found out it's the last day for it to be free so, that was kinda nice. Well anyway I ran a test it took 3 minutes not to much really but what I really didn't like is we only have ONE option... Why don't you add a Battery life test and a Wifi/4g test this will make the app even better, because you have more options. I hope you read all that and update it, but still a good app. Good Luck!

Pretty good.

More extensive CPU benchmark compared to previous iterations. No more battery test. A nice subtraction to this update.

Geekbench 4 Missing Almost All of Geekbench 3.3's Features

Not impressed. Only has CPU benchmark. Battery benchmark is gone.



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