Geekbench 4 App Reviews

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Great App

This App is really good I’d recommend Geekbench 4 to anyone

Feedback/ Amazing Job

When I got this app, the app was very helpful because it show me more information about my iPhone. Also, I can run a CPU to figure out if the performance was going slow or very fast. Keep up the great work!!! Feedback: When I run the CPU, can the app notify a person that it have finish? Also, allow a person to turn off the screen, but the app will keep running the CPU test?

Dropbox sync no longer works

All of my records are gone.

Works great

i have a iPhone 5c on IOS10.3.3 and it runs the app well

Wish List

After running the test, app shows comparison to all other iPads/iPhones (nice). Waiting to hear from support on why I can't connect to Dropbox to download results. This applies to both my iPad and iPhone.

Peace of mind

I always test every new device to verify it meets specs. I keep results and rerun tests here and there. The battery tests will be helpful down the road.

Great! But...

We should be able to browse and manage our results! Also, be able to visualize and compare the results of all the other Geekbench users, just like on the website!

Good to know

I have an iPhone SE with iOS 11.2.6 purchased in Nov 2017. I spent the .99 cents for the app because I wanted to verify my CPU speed. I knew it should be around 2500 single core from what I read. When I ran the CPU check, the result was 1455!! 2477 multi core. Then I switched my phone from low power mode to normal (full) power and re-ran the app. Result: 2523 single core, 4374 multi core. And Now I have the peace of mind of knowing all’s good. The app apparently can be re-run any number of times. It’s worth buying for anyone who has a reason to verify the speed of their device.

It's slow

It gets the job done, however it's 4x slower than Geekbench 3. I get the same results with the older app in 15 seconds opposed to the full minute it takes to score the GPU/CPU my iPhone 7 Plus.

Great app that needs tvOS support

I would love to see tvOS support now that Apple has strapped a fan to the A10X heatsink in the Apple TV 4K.

Simple, quick way to check your phone

I have an iPhone 8, and when I used this to check this cores and GPU, it only took about 2 minutes to process the information and it auto acutely showed me the results. Satisfied, only $0.99 for a whole bunch of information.

Doesn’t even work for me (iPhone 8)

I paid .99 and all it does is freeze when it completes the benchmark! What the heck?!

Free, standard benchmark tool used by many

Download this app to quickly find out how your phone stacks up against others. Benchmarking your phone is easy and intuitive, and I really have no complaints about Geekbench. Overall, it’s just a great, functional, complete app.


When trying to upload to Dropbox it says error

Not worth paying for.

This app shouldn’t cost any money. It does what it’s supposed to do. But Geekbench 3 was just fine. I had that app but when I reset my phone and went to download it again it wasn’t on the App Store. Absolutely stupid that they just made a new version that does the same thing as the old version and then make me pay for it AGAIN.

Freezes on my 6S

I wanted some basic testing done but this app freezes all the time on my 6S. I can’t even compete the CPU benchmark which is the ENTIRE reason I purchased this app

For those who don't know what the numbers mean

Since you have obviously never benchmarked any computer hardware in your life, allow me to tell you what the numbers mean. The bigger the number, the better the phone performs. And if you don't know if your number is good just look up results for your phone and compare them. Make sure you don't test with LPM on though, it can nearly half your score. As for the app itself, it works wonderfully, and it is very stable. If you jb, just know that RocketBootstrap will crash the app at the end of testing, so disable that and other tweaks that use RBS (like Anemone),


Should have more options to perform cloud backup than just Dropbox. Also, the “send feedback” application should actually work. 😞.


Whenever i open the App it freezes and then crashes so I deleted it and then reinstalled it and it still continues to crash.

Useless app

It did not complete cpu benchmark even after letting it run for many hours; there was no progress. iphone 6s ios 11.2.1 The free “battery life” app seems to show something, don’t know how accurate that is. This app is useless.

No Way to Interpret Result

You get a number but no information on what the range of possible results is. I already know my battery isn’t nearly as good as it was. I expected to find out my better is only half as good as x new one, or a quarter, or maybe it is 3/4 and I just think it is bad. Useless app really

Ok app needs work

It tells you a number after you give up your phone for hrs no estimated time but up to 20 hrs but that’s fine all I’m asking is to put a poor to excellent rating for the numbers I had a 1680 for my iPhone 7 is that half way gone or still in good shape needs replaced

What do the results mean?

This app is useless to me if there is no reference for the numerical result I just got. I got 1160. Thanks. Is that good? Is it bad? Don’t bother with this app.

Not very useful

Geekbench simply provided me a battery “score” number: 2280. I have no idea what the number means — good, bad, average, should I replace my battery, what?? — they provide zero key to what the heck the scores means. So it’s pretty useless. I wish I could get my money back.


This is a great app for getting an idea of how your entire phone is working. 99 cents well used. Oh, and it keeps your history so you can go back and check how your device is running over time!

Save your money.

Bought this app thinking it would help evaluate my battery issues. Continues to crash in my phone. Junk. Garbage. I want my money back.

Solid App

Nice app! I love the historical feature. Having Dropbox integration for saving history is nice but please offer iCloud integration as well. Would be a more seamless experience.

Not sure what the results mean..

I did the results and I get a number. There’s no rating on if the number is higher or lower than it should be?? I don’t understand it. How about a chart for the different phones??

So, what do the numbers mean?!?

Potentially nice app ... but they don’t tell you what’s better ... a higher number or a lower number. Also, email function doesn’t work. I’m staring at an email that’s all addressed and ready to send ... and there’s no “send” button!

You’re kidding, right??

20 hrs to check my battery? And if you close the app it stops the test? Ok you got me.


Piece of crap

Regretting this purchase.

Seems like a great idea, I remember the old version worked great. This version will not complete a CPU benchmark, it continuously stops partway through the test & either crashes or just stops like the test was never started.

app is broken

CPU Benchmark is broken in the current version. UI freezes at 04:50. iPhone 6, iOS 11.2.1


Freezes at 4:26 on CPU TEST. No result ever.

Doesn’t work

App unfortunately doesn’t complete running any tests on my 6s+. It appears to finish but then locks up and stays like that indefinitely. Clicking on any of the tabs on startup also results in a lockup. While it’s a cheap app I can’t recommend it since it doesn’t work at all. Hope it gets fixed at some point.

Keeps Crashing

Waste of $.99 Wanted to test my cpu frequency to determine if I should replace my battery. Don’t buy. Keeps crashing

Good, one request

Works as expected. I have one request - let us change the title of or add notes to tests in our history. Just to keep things straight.

Great benchmark app!

It checks your device performance, compares to what's expected, and keeps a history for future comparison. Very nice, and easy to use.

Doesn’t run

Says it needs an Internet connection to connect to the geekbench server

No results

I just paid 99 cents for this app, and the benchmark runs but the app will not display results due to a connectivity bug. My iPhone 6S is actively connected to the internet. I've run the CPU benchmark twice, and both times it has failed at the end with a vague "Cannot connect to Browser" error. The error message says that Geekbench requires an active internet connection, but I already have one.

Sure seems like it does a lot

Run dozens of tests but I have idea what they all mean. It attaches a numeric value to the results but again, I am not an engineer, I have no idea if the results are good or bad. I just wanted something that would tell me if my battery was degraded.

More important now than ever

Older phones/iPads use this first to see your current and theoretical performance. Then decide if you need a new iOS device


Esta aplicación es lo mejor


App crashes instantly when you try to run the benchmark. It takes several attempts to successfully run the tests. iPhone 6s, iOS 11.2

Amount charged even though it’s free

Fees charged even though it says free until 27th November Please reimburse the amount

Flawless Benchmark for iPhone

This app works flawlessly on the iPhone X. I received stronger scores than what I have reviewed online: 4245 Single-Core Score and 10415 Multi-Core Score

The app is great I love it!

So I literally love this app. I can use it in YouTube videos to show off the new iPhone, or just see how well my phone is doing compared to the other iPhones. One thing I did notice though is that it doesn’t show the new iPhone 8 and X average benchmarks compared to other phones, but that’s probably because there’s not enough information on them yet. I live this app and I’m keeping it a 5 star review! :)

Used to work

The app freezes and does nothing on iPhone 6s plus ios 11.1.1

Would be great if you released for the Apple TV

Just to be able to benchmark the Apple TV 4K would be fun even if the hardware is known. Some of us like to see how updates affect system performance.

Was great until latest update

The latest update has made the app literally unusable on my iPad Pro 12.9 first gen. It worked when I first started it up, but since then the app does not respond to anything, even after closing it out and opening it back up. Please fix! The app was fantastic before the update.

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